Our range of activities include mechanics, electronics, test systems, ozone and alarm systems.
Mechatronics represents our core business. It puts together mechanical, electronic and computer activities, in order to supply services, systems and products.

Thanks to our expertise and to our structural flexibility, MP develops mechanical, electric and electronic products and systems by exploiting the multidisciplinary interaction of our resources.
We supply up-to-date solutions for components and technologies. Our structure allows to combine electronical and mechanical activities and to manufacture prototypes, mechanical, electronical, and electro-mechanical products in series.
Mechanics: CNC machining center, milling cutters, CNC lathes.
Electronics: PCB through hole development and assembly, SMD
Electro-mechanics: assembly of electrical/pneumatic/mechanical components


High precision mechanical engineering requires a high degree of attention in each phase of the production, from planning to the quality control. It is essential for each manufacturing phase to be carried out with great care.

MP carries out turning and milling manufacturing by using both traditional and numerical control equipment. We work on all metals (alloy steels, stainless steels, brass, copper and aluminum alloys) and plastic materials. If requested, we offer surface treatments, such as engravings and markings.

MP offers its support in the fields of planning and prototyping; it suggests the best solutions to its customers, in order to control costs and working times and offers adequate solutions for excellent qualitative products.
We use our experience to develop DFMEA, PFMEA, cycles, control methods to satisfy our customers’ requests.


MP produces electronical devices that can be re-programmed and re-configured.

We develop electronic and digitals systems, microprocessor controllers, and micro automation systems; such microcontroller and microprocessor systems allow to obtain simple and precise timers, as wells as, complete embedded devices equipped with operative systems, real-time controllers and web servers.

Mp offers design and development systems for hardware and firmware, as well as, interface software for the integration mechanical and electromechanical devices.
Mp develops customized solutions on Cortex platforms, or on 8/16 bit microprocessors. We offer support on Arduino and Nertduino devices, we realize prototypes with SMD or traditional technologies and we offer our tools for a preliminary risk analysis (DFMEA and PFMEA).

Test systems and benches

MP carries out test systems and benches for both laboratory and end-of-line use. We offer our customers test equipment to guarantee the quality of our products in compliance with the regulations in effect.
Each system permits to decree the outcome of the measurements, as wells as the accessibility intervals allowed.
Our test systems can be completely automatic, semi-automatic or manual, according to the specific process requests. Our test systems can support the tester to objectify the control, even if the test has been carried out in a “subjective” way. Our system groups the serial number, the date and the hour of the test to the specific tester. This is made possible thanks to specific links to web databases that allow the management of functional variables (bench programming) in remote, data stocking and rereading of the data acquired via internet/intranet.

Our systems are developed on customized architectures that can be personalized depending on specific requirements, whilst the management of processes and data fluxes is carried out by embedded microprocessors (M0 Cortex type). This solution allowed to create portable and flexible instruments, easy to re-program for different applications, and it permits to expand and customize the system.


What is Ozone?

Ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms with chemical formula O3. In 1840, the chemist Christian F. Schönbein (1799-1868), professor at the University of Basel, denominated it as "ozone" (from the Greek ozein: "that has smell"). At that time, Schönbein thought that this molecule was monatomic (composed of one single atom) and it was only in 1866 that the French chemist Jacques Soret proved the true tri-atomic form (composed of three atoms).

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, and it is able to react with double-bond (unsaturated) organic substances. This particular feature has been readily used in many air and water treatment processes. Its bactericidal, fungicidal and virus-inactivating powers are well-known.
Ozone is used for air and environment disinfection both for industrial and private cleaning, to eliminate spores, bacteria, viruses, chemical vapors, insects and parasitic. Thanks to its high antioxidant power, Ozone is used to disinfect and whiten, just like chlorine.
Ozone does not leave any secondary debris and for this reason, it is ecologic.
The Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) defined ozone as a “safe agent” GRAS. In Italy, the Ozone sanitization system is approved by the Board of Health (protocol n. 24482 31/07/1996) as a natural presidio for the sterilization of contaminated environments.

Our products
MP offers two types of ozone devices: one for Sanification and one for Sanitation.

Our products are CE certified and our Sanification and sanitation processes are qualified by the most important European Universities.


Our Sanification devices can work both on closed circuit and in “environment” mode to sanitize rooms or buildings. In this case, our devices are equipped with a luminous signal that can be placed outside the zone to sanitize.
Our O3SM devices for closed circuit Sanification are equipped with specific bags to insert the objects (mattresses, sheets, chairs, armchairs, etc.) to treat, whilst an electronic auto-control and diagnosis system allows carrying out the processes safely.

These devices can be used to disinfect environments (it is necessary to follow the instructions on the user guide).


Our Sanitation devices are used to clean environments and to eliminate smells and smoke, as well as, to reduce virus spreads (ex. flu).

The ozone concentration produced by our O3SM Air is not dangerous for people.

iAlarmBox ®

iAlarmBox is a patented system for alarm and monitoring in galleries under construction. Born as an evacuation system in accordance with specific interregional regulations for the safety in major works, over time it has been subjected to remarkable functional and operative implementations. To this day, it can be implemented with monitoring systems for mines, in remote survey circuits, or for the management of danger/evacuation alarms for both the civil and industrial sectors.
This system uses radio ZigBee, in accordance with the IEE 802.14.11 standard that allows to create mesh webs in order to cover long distances.

iAlarmBox does not require specific infrastructures and its installation is easy and immediate even in extreme conditions.
It is possible to interconnect our iAlarmBox to the most common detectors and to use it as a monitoring and prevention system (ex. Grisou survey).
This device can be integrated with GSM/GPRS modules to store log system files on the web and for a remote management of Alerts/alarms.

Thanks to our expertise and to the introduction of new technologies, we can create a system of environmental monitoring by using renewable energies.
The result is a modular and flexible system able to acquire data from detectors, in accordance to the customers’ needs. Our iAlarmBox can be positioned in remote areas and it transmits information to a concentrator (EDL unit) and then to a web server.