High-precision mechanical processing


Our equipment allows to carry out high-precision mechanical processing and to reach high quality standards in sectors such as packaging, assembly lines, pharmaceutics, food industry, robotics and automotive.

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Our Production

Our range of activities include mechanics, electronics, test systems, Ozone and Alarm systems.
Our business can be summarized in Mechatronics that joins mechanics, electronics, and informatics in order to supply services, systems and products.

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MP has chosen to be UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. This represents a globally recognized reference. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and to guarantee a high level of quality, reducing costs and maintaining specific standards.

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Our strengths

A perfect fusion


The field of mechatronics is extended to many traditional products that change theirs functionality thanks to the use of new technologies, innovative materials, automation, management and control systems.


Programmable logic is the definitive way towards electronic technology will be oriented in the next future.


Thanks to our qualified personnel and our technologies, we are able to manage our customers’ requests in terms of precision mechanics in accordance to specific control procedures that include working and control sheets.

Innovative components and technologies for the development of MECHATRONIC SYSTEMS